Nick makes Leanne breakfast in bed to make things up to her. Their domestic bliss is spoiled when Nick receives a letter from Trading Standards telling him he might have to appear in court as the spirits at the bistro were definitely watered down. Izzy makes Gary return to work. Mandy hopes that Jenna and Sophie will split because of their recent row. Lloyd has a word with Jenna, telling her Sophie was only looking out for her. The Gazette carries the headline Fire Fighter in Brawl Shame. Hayley gets a date for her operation - in four weeks' time. She decides to take Mary up on her offer of borrowing her motor home and going on holiday. Carla tells her she can have as much time off as she wants. Rob's mate Lenny calls at the cash converters and sells Tracy a load of tablet phones and computers. Rob is furious when he finds out as they're probably stolen and he has a meeting with his probation officer who will want to inspect the shop. He tells Tracy to get rid of the stock. Leanne returns to the flat and finds a poison pen letter asking her where Nick was on Christmas night and who he was with. She goes to Stella for advice as she doesn't know what to make of it. Jenna asks Anna for a job at the cafe. Jenna asks Sophie to let her stand up for herself in future and they agree to put their row behind them. Stella suggests Leanne confront Nick with the letter. The probation officer asks Rob to show her his shop. Leanne shows Nick the letter and accuses him of being with a woman after their failed wedding. He tries to dismiss it but doesn't outright deny it.


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