Gary feels useless as he isn't as good with Jake as Izzy. Izzy tells him it will happen eventually. Roy cooks during another sleepwalking incident. David paints Gail a dire picture of Nick and Leanne's marriage problems. Rob annoys Peter with the noise in the shop early in the morning. David hears Eva slagging Leanne off to Stella for not agreeing to be a bridesmaid and tells Leanne. Sophie ignores Paul when he says hello in the Street. Leanne confronts Eva in the factory and has to be restrained by Carla when she picks a fight with Eva. Eva calls her a psycho. Nick is amazed at Leanne's criticising him for losing two staff members when she's no better. When Peter tells him about it, Nick accuses him of being the saboteur. Peter says they're doing a good enough job on their own. David tries to ruin dinner by switching the oven off. Paul admits to Eileen he doesn't recognise himself anymore. Nick rescues the evening by bringing wine and steaks from the bistro. David is disappointed when dinner is a huge success, with Nick and Leanne coming to an understanding. Hayley is getting sick of people offering sympathy. Fiz thinks she and Roy should take a holiday before Hayley's operation. Paul apologises to Lloyd for everything. David prints out a letter addressed to Leanne, asking about Nick's whereabouts on Christmas night.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Paul worries his career could be over, but Eileen is more concerned about the cracks in their relationship; Izzy thinks Gary is doubting her ability to cope with Jake; and Eva argues with Leanne over her refusal to be Stella's bridesmaid.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,710,000 viewers (4th place).
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