Hayley returns after her surgery which appears to have been a success. Roy fusses around her but she’s keen to carry on as normal and doesn’t want people knowing about her illness. Peter and Carla announce their engagement to a delighted Deirdre and a cynical Tracy. A distracted Roy determines to get some answers out of Mr Peakman about Hayley's condition. Lloyd overhears Sophie and Jenna discussing their altercation with Paul and determines to speak to him but Mandy dissuades him. Eileen worries that matters are getting out of hand. Roy causes a fuss at the hospital until Mr Peakman agrees to see him. Beth worries that Craig is moody lately. Roy presents Mr Peakman with the results of his research into alternative medicine for Hayley but is told that her confidentiality must be respected and she must be involved in the discussions. Audrey worries about the work to fix the damp patch on her home. Rita suggests to David and Maria a proper birthday celebration for her in the bistro to cheer her up and tells them to spread the word. Hayley accepts the invitation to go but Roy worries that she should be resting and refuses to join her. Michelle is annoyed to find that Peter is now her co-boss. He starts to learn the business from the bottom up in packing with Kirk. Audrey is delighted at the surprise party. Izzy and Gary are nervous that Jake will be allowed out of the hospital in a week. Norris, pleased with his purchase of No. 3, is perturbed to find out that No. 7 collapsed in the 1960s. Paul tells Jenna that he regrets his fall-out with Lloyd and tries to get her to intervene. She refuses and tries to walk away. When he grabs her arm to talk further, a watching Lloyd threatens him. Roy turns up at the bistro and sees Hayley with an alcoholic drink. He admonishes her and gives the game away in front of everybody that she is gravely ill.


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Notable dialogue

Roy Cropper: "I am griddling while Rome burns."


Carla Connor: "My fiancé is joining the company."
Kirk Sutherland: "Beyonce's goin' to be workin' 'ere?!"


Audrey Roberts: "The whole of my ground floor is riddled with damp."
Beth Tinker: "That'll be your age, love."

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