Deirdre offers Peter money to sort the bookies out but he thinks he can handle it. Peter grovels to Carla and admits he was insecure about her earning more money than him. Norris is proud of his new status as a home owner - until Emily gives him a load of bills which are now his responsibility. Rob goads Peter when he sees Carla give Peter a load of cash for the bookies till. Carla calls Rob pathetic and tells him to stay away from her. Tracy tells Rob that Carla is scared of him as she knows he can take everything away from her. Norris tells Emily he wants to share the bills equally but she has put a clause in the contract making them his responsibility solely. Tracy takes a load of cash from No.1 and is nearly caught by Deirdre. Deirdre realises Tracy is acting suspiciously and tells her that she doesn't like Rob. Roy resolves to minimise stress from now on. Tracy gives Rob the money to match his earnings from the car, telling him it's from Amy's fund. Rob is impressed she'd steal from her own daughter. Eileen and Paul decide to brave the Rovers again but Paul changes his mind when Tracy offers to check there are no black people inside first. Rob and Tracy joke at Peter and Carla's expense, with Rob calling Carla a sugar mummy. Peter confronts him in the toilets and tells him he's out of his depth and should stay away.


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