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An outraged Anna rants angrily at Tim for neglecting Faye who has been living in the flat in his absence. Anna is disgusted at Tim's plans and doesn't accept the excuse that he thought Faye was with her. David tells Kylie he's sick of Nick being the golden boy. Anna feels she's partly responsible for what's happened by letting the baby situation distract her from keeping an eye on Tim and Faye. Faye wants to see Tim. Hayley talks Roy round and he goes for the health check. Anna gives Faye an hour with Tim. Roy is recommended a night at a sleep clinic but he considers this a last resort and opts for relaxation measures he can try himself first. Leanne suggests a student night to drum up trade at the bistro. Nick isn't keen. Sinead offers to spend the night with Chesney but is annoyed at his uninterested reaction. Katy witnesses the exchange and makes fun. Sinead tells Katy she's a mug as Ryan is living it up while she is lumbered with Joseph. Faye decides to move back to No.6 after a heart-to-heart with Tim. Kirk and Beth see Ryan kissing a woman outside a club. David tells Leanne she should prove Nick wrong. Sally lends Tim a sympathetic ear. Owen thinks things have worked out for the best, but Anna asks him to get rid of Tim once and for all. Emily is delighted to be rid of the responsibility of owning a house. Owen tells Tim to leave the street or he'll kill him.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Anna berates Tim for neglecting Faye, who asks him if he really wants her to live with him; Katy has a heart-to-heart with Sinead about Chesney; and David encourages Nick to agree to Leanne's suggestion of a student night at The Bistro.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 5,860,000 viewers (17th place - both this and the previous episode suffered lower than usual ratings as they were transmitted against live coverage of the Wimbledon semi-finals. This was also the lowest-rated episode of the year).
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