Roy comes down in the morning to find all the cafe cutlery is laid out in neat rows across the tables. Tina has been crying in her sleep during the night. Roy tells Hayley and Sylvia that he still suspects Beth but he admits he owes Craig an apology. However before he can do anything, a furious Beth arrives demanding the same. Tim demands that Faye apologise to Anna for upsetting her. Roy offers Craig an unreserved apology but also accuses Beth of rearranging the cutlery. She angrily tells him that he's not heard the last of the matter. Norris signs for a parcel of Film Noir DVDs for Emily from Freda but he passes them off as being from himself as he hands them over to her. Gary and Tina set off together to register Gary as Jake's father. Gail deliberately interrupts Peter and Leanne as they swap pleasantries about Simon. Faye calls in to see Anna but starts sniping at her when she fusses over her. Beth demands compensation from Roy and refuses the offer of a week of free meals but a delighted Kirk accepts for them all. Craig runs off suddenly, upset because he's "done a bad thing". Beth is puzzled at her son's behaviour. Gail continues to make digs at Leanne. Norris panics when Emily plans to phone Freda and tries to put her off. Faye lies to Tim and tells him that she apologised to Anna. He's pleased because he has to go to Newcastle for a few days work with Jason and needs her to stay at No.6. Faye asks if she can go with him instead but he refuses. Roy starts to feel that he's breaking down and storms off. Hayley is frantic with worry.


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  • A postman who delivers a parcel for Emily Bishop is uncredited despite having a line of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Tina, Izzy and Gary reach an agreement as they decide what's best for the baby's future; Faye lies to Tim about asking to stay at Anna's while he is away on a job; and David is delighted when Gail suspects something is going on between Peter and Leanne.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,340,000 viewers (8th place).
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