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Tina breaks the news to the incredulous Armstrongs and Windasses. Audrey tells Maria that she's spoiling her relationship with Marcus and it's her own fault. The Armstrongs and Windasses try to be reasonable and accommodating with Tina but she refuses to change her mind, saying she's bonded with Jake. She tells the Armstrongs and Windasses that she is keeping the baby. Gary and Izzy are heartbroken that Tina won't let them see Jake. Owen and Anna are furious. Maria starts to grow concerned that Marcus will dump her. Eileen grows concerned when she hears that there's a massive fire on Thornton Street. Rita is horrified to hear of Tina's decision. The Armstrongs and Windasses discover that she knew what was in the wind and Anna angrily tells her to make Tina see sense or she's not going to be responsible for her actions. Peter and Carla are amused to hear about Tracy's job. Eileen is relieved when Paul arrives home and she puts on a brave face when he asks if she was worried. He's not convinced by her attitude and Jason guesses that his statement that he wasn't on the shout isn't true. Rita storms into the hospital and rips into Tina but she stands her ground. Dev tells Stella that he thinks Sunita heard the smoke alarm from the Rovers and went inside, trapping herself. Karl grows more concerned. Paul realises from Sean's comments the cause of Eileen's condition. He tells her that pills won't help and they can't go on like this. Tracy tries to make cold calls from the front room for Bugden's Bathrooms, while Deirdre, Carla and Peter look on laughing. Nick and Leanne have an uncomfortable get-together with the Prices. Marcus and Maria meet up at the bistro where he gives her a present of a necklace as a demonstration of his love for her. Karl tells Dev that people are talking about him but Dev makes it clear he's not giving up. As Tina and the others arrive home with Dennis and Rita, Gary and Izzy desperately try to talk to them but the door is slammed in their face.


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