The baby's condition hasn't changed. Owen is having problems keeping his temper with Gary. Michelle is angry to discover that she has Katy and baby Joseph as additional lodgers for the next two weeks. Izzy feels left out when Nurse Linda Sims discusses feeding with Tina. Tracy tells Rob that she might have found a buyer for the silk and for a higher sum than the asking price. Chesney meets Sinead again and they agree to take things slowly. Sophie tells Stella that Dev is really struggling emotionally. Izzy tells Gary that he's broken her heart. Sally confesses to Sophie and Jenna that she's started to use a dating website and they help write her profile. Izzy tells Gary that she doesn't want to see him again. In a bid to source more silk Michelle stumbles onto a supplier who claims to have been offered material which matches that stolen from Carla. Carla gets the number off them for their contact and dials it - Tracy answers and Carla disconnects, saddened to find that her suspicions of her brother have been proven. Tina thanks Tommy for his support. Stella tells a shaken Karl that she's been to see Dev and they're invited there for dinner on Friday. Owen is emotional to see his grandson for the first time and tells Izzy not to write off Gary yet. An upset Carla tells Peter of her discovery but she refuses to call the police, remembering her emotional entanglements with Rob in their youth. Tommy tells Tina how much she means to him. Owen breaks down, worried about his family falling apart and whether the baby will survive.


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  • Jake Windass appears in this episode but is portrayed by a prosthetic baby instead of a real one due to the character's premature birth.
  • This was the third in a week of episodes (except for Wednesday due to football) shown at 9.00pm after bumper editions of Britain's Got Talent. This episode featured a trailer for the Thursday episode inserted between the final scene and the end credits.
  • TV Times synopsis: Tensions continue to run high in hospital, where Gary begs to be given a second chance after Izzy refuses to let him see his son; Tommy's feelings for Tina begin to re-emerge as he comforts her in the special care unit; Rob and Tracy's game looks to be up when Carla finds a silk supplier who claims to have been offered the stolen material; and Sally is encouraged to join a dating website.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 9,000,000 viewers (3rd place).

Notable dialogue

Steve McDonald: "Two weeks with a screaming baby - that'll be fun.
Michelle Connor : Well, maybe it'll drown out the noise of Ryan's screams when I piggin' kill him!

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