Tim breaks the news to Faye that he can't afford to pay for her school trip. Faye's gutted and asks Anna if she'll lend Tim the money. Anna's torn. Stella remains frosty towards Gloria. Karl tells Gloria that she's got her priorities all wrong and should be helping her daughter in her hour of need. Covering her anxiety, Eileen paints on a smile as she sees Paul off to work. Izzy tells Gary that she's arranged for them to meet Tina for a drink and clear the air. Sylvia shows Roy a photo of St. John's old friend Mark Hernan. Having eventually tracked Mark down, Roy is given St. John's address in Blackburn. Ryan and Katy are hungover after a night on the town. Sylvia's disapproving. Anna tells Owen that she's tempted to pay for Faye's trip but Owen's dead against it, pointing out that Tim needs to realise what being a parent means. Chesney takes Joseph from Anna, annoyed that Katy never asked him to babysit. Gary calls at Tina's flat and tells her about Tommy's threats. Tina's defensive and promises that Tommy won't say anything. Gloria calls at the Builder's Yard and asks Owen how much it would cost to finish the Rovers job and pay off Stella's debt. Owen tells her it's £90,000. Gloria offers him £80,000 and after some argy-bargy Owen finally agrees. Anna slips Tim the money for Faye's school trip. Stella and Karl are stunned when Gloria tells them that she's paid Owen and it's all systems go. Stella gratefully hugs her mother. When Paul arrives home safely, Eileen is clearly relieved. As Katy and Ryan kiss outside No.6, Chesney angrily accuses Katy of having little interest in her son. Izzy, Gary and Tina meet for a drink at the bistro. Gary and Tina do their best to act normal but when Tommy enters, Gary's discomfort turns to dismay. Roy's nervous as he and Hayley set off for Blackburn in search of St. John.


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Notable dialogue

Sylvia Goodwin (about a great-uncle of Roy Cropper): "He had a lazy eye. When I say "lazy", bone-idle would be nearer to the truth."


Sylvia Goodwin (about St. John Cropper): "I know them bow-legs anywhere - couldn't stop a pig in an entry" (This line references an almost identical one made by Elsie Tanner in Episode 1 (9th December 1960).

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