Izzy and Gary make up. She insists that he must go to his army reunion and enjoy himself. Worried that the baby might inherit his epilepsy gene, David wonders if there's a test they could do on the baby to find out. Kylie's secretly worried. Stella sets off to her cleaning job. Karl feels sorry for her and promises to find a job too. Gloria feels guilty. Tina assures Izzy that she wouldn't have agreed to carry their baby if she wasn't certain that they're a solid couple. Izzy's grateful. Gail lords it over Stella in the bistro, pointing out that she's the Head of Cleaning. Leanne feels sorry for her mum. Gary meets up with his army mates and shows them a photo of Izzy and Tina. He explains that Tina is their surrogate mother. When Gary's mate Jimmy admires the photo of Tina and accuses Gary of fancying her, Gary loses his temper. Tim brings Faye into the café for her tea but realising that he's no money, makes excuses and leaves. Anna's concerned. David tells Nick that he's thinking of having the baby genetically tested for epilepsy. Nick masks his inner turmoil. Roy finally reaches a decision and announces to Hayley and Sylvia that he will read St. John's letter and see what he's got to say. Kylie asks for some extra shifts at the bistro and Leanne agrees to look at the rota. Anna calls at Tim's flat with some leftover stew from the café. Tim reluctantly accepts the free meal and Faye insists that Anna stays for a cup of tea. Tina rows with Tommy for causing trouble between Gary and Izzy. Nick and Kylie try to talk David out of having the baby genetically tested but David won't be swayed. Gary calls at Tina's flat and tells her about his army reunion. It's clear that Gary's emotionally wrought and when he leans in and tries to kiss her, Tina's horrified.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Kylie and Nick desperately try to talk David out of having the unborn baby tested for epilepsy; an emotional Gary makes a pass at Tina; and Roy reaches a decision about his father's letter.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,260,000 viewers (3rd place).
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