The residents wonder why Elsie has been driven away by the police. After identifying Steve's body, a shaken Elsie is taken to the station but struggles to accept that he's dead. Detective Inspector Castle informs her that Steve was found at the foot of his stairs at the Claydon Court flats. Len bandages his grazed right hand and snaps at Ray when he suggests he's been fighting. Ken makes enquiries at the police station and reports back to the residents that Steve has been found dead. Elsie grows weary of Castle's questions and is alarmed to realise he doesn't think Steve's fall was an accident. Dot phones Gregg at the base where he is on duty but is told he isn't there. Elsie arrives home and tells Dot that the police suspect foul play. The next day, Steve's death is reported in the newspaper, and Hilda delights in speculating that it was murder, to the Walkers' disapproval. A crowd of reporters forms outside No.11. Castle visits to ask Elsie further questions. At The Pink Posy, Dave sends a reporter packing when he digs for dirt on Elsie. Dot covers Elsie's duties at the shop and overhears Dave on the phone ordering someone to "tell them nothing". Gregg calls in and is evasive when Dot queries why she couldn't get hold of him at the base last night, insisting he was there. Dot's shocked by his callousness when she informs him of Steve's murder. Castle grills Elsie about her marriage, forcing her to admit to taking a taxi halfway to Steve's flat last night before changing her mind. Elsie confesses that on a previous visit two nights ago, Steve begged her to reconcile with him but she refused. Castle drives her back to the station to take her fingerprints. Gregg jokes that Gary's relieved that his debt to Steve need never be paid. Joe tells Dot to take no notice of him. Len's uncomfortable when Ena reckons the police will find out the truth. Elsie tells Val and Dot that the police don't believe her story.


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Jack Walker: (to Hilda Ogden) "By the ‘eck, if yer hands did as much work as yer tongue, there’d be a right good sparkle on this pub."

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