When Kylie feels a twinge, David panics but Kylie explains that it's the baby kicking. David puts out his hand and feels the baby kick too, insisting Nick does the same. Kylie and Nick are mortified but have no choice but to go along with it. Stella tells Leanne that she can keep her money; she refuses to be blackmailed and she loves Karl. Leanne warns her that she's making a terrible mistake. When Stella tells Karl how she chose him over Leanne's money, he offers to walk away but Stella won't hear of it. Karl is deeply touched. Gary moans to Anna about how desperately short of money he is as he's not been paid for three weeks. Anna's unsympathetic, pointing out that he should come clean to Izzy about the £200 he spent on Tina. Realising that she's little option, Stella tells Karl that she's going to have to break the news to Owen about the insurance money. Karl insists he'll come with her. Hayley runs Sylvia to the care home to visit Dorothy. She hands Sylvia a letter which came for her, apologising for the fact she's had it so long. Sylvia's face hardens when she immediately recognises the handwriting. David's cross with Kylie for doing the hoovering when she should be resting. Exasperated, Kylie points out that she's pregnant, not ill. Stella calls at the Rovers and breaks the news to Owen that she can't pay him. Owen's stunned and orders Gary and the lads to stop work. Owen tells Tina the bad news but promises her that he'll sort her surrogacy fee somehow. Tina assures Gary that money or no money, he mustn't worry about the baby. Sylvia reads the letter from St. John Cropper and reveals that he wants Roy to contact him. In a fury, Owen sets to and starts dismantling the Rovers' fittings, grabbing anything he might be able to sell. Stella watches horrified and when Karl tries to block Owen's path, Owen threatens him with a crowbar.


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Notable dialogue

Roy Cropper: "Does my mother's behaviour appear strange to you?"
Hayley Cropper: "I think strange-er might be nearer the mark".

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