Eileen runs alongside the train. Paul spots her through the window but it's too late, the train pulls out. Eileen breaks down in anguish and Jason tries to comfort her. Owen shows Stella and Karl all the work he's done in the Rovers and asks Stella for the next instalment of money. Stella covers and promises to chase the insurance company. As Karl surveys the pub, he's haunted by memories of Sunita. In the bookies, Peter refuses to let Rob wind him up. Tracy announces that Deirdre's invited them all to tea. Eileen returns home feeling sorry for herself. She tells Jason and Deirdre that she's a walking disaster when it comes to men. Tyrone finds Tommy struggling at the garage with Kevin away. Tyrone offers to help out and really enjoys himself. With Fiz's blessing, Tyrone agrees to return to work at the garage full-time whilst Kevin's away. Anna notices that Gary's short of money. Gary admits it's because of the £200 he spent on Tina's dad's wedding ring. Anna's disapproving. Eileen's mobile rings and she sees it's Paul. As she answers the phone she hears his voice right behind her. Eileen turns, thrilled. Karl shocks Stella by asking her to marry him. Gary and Tina return from the antenatal class having clearly enjoyed themselves. Anna, noticing their intimacy, puts pressure on Izzy to attend the next class with them. Izzy finally agrees. Stella assures Karl that she loves him but is in no rush to get married. Karl becomes agitated and insists they should marry as soon as possible but when Stella refuses to be rail-roaded, he storms out. Stella's taken aback. Peter, Carla, Rob and Tracy have dinner at No.1. Deirdre shows off her cooking skills and Rob blows his own trumpet about how he's going to turn the bookies around. Ken, like Peter, makes it clear that he thinks Rob's a cocky idiot. Paul gives Eileen a fireman's lift over the threshold of No.11. The loved-up pair giggle like teenagers and Jason's pleased to see him mum happy again. Paul admits that he's requested his old job back. Eileen refuses to let it spoil their mood but it's clear that Paul is worried about it.


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Ken Barlow (about Rob Donovan): "You know who he reminds me of? Mike Baldwin".

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