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Sophie helps Dev get the twins ready for Sunita's funeral and offers them some comforting words. Dev's grateful. Paul returns to work and Eileen does her best to hide her worries. Karl tries to wriggle out of attending the funeral but when he realises how much it means to Stella to have him by her side, he caves in and agrees to go. Chesney tells Fiz that he's got his stall back at the market. Fiz is pleased for him but it's clear Chesney's stressed and not really coping. Faye persuades Tim to invite Owen and Anna round for tea then they can get to know him. Tim's not keen but Faye insists it's a good idea. As Eileen waits to be served in the cafe, she hears a news report on the radio about a local factory fire. She's immediately on pins, worrying about Paul. Tim invites Owen and Anna for tea. Owen's about to refuse his offer but Anna steps in and for Faye's sake, promises that they'll be there. Sunita's funeral takes place. None of her immediate family attend as she's brought shame to them, but in attendance are Dev, Aadi, Asha, Sophie, Steve, Lloyd, Stella and Karl. Eileen desperately flicks through the TV channels looking for news about the fire. Jason tries to calm her down, assuring her that Paul will be okay. Chesney bumps into Tim. When Tim calls him an idiot, Chesney loses it and Fiz has to step in and calm him down. As Dev delivers the eulogy at Sunita's funeral he breaks down. The congregation are moved to tears and Karl, no longer able to control his own emotions, runs from the crematorium. Eileen's out of her mind with worry having discovered the factory fire has claimed two lives. She admits to Jason that she can't deal with the stress. Anna finds Tim struggling to make a lasagne. For Faye's sake, she offers to help him. Stella finds Karl crying. No longer able to carry the burden of guilt, Karl tells her that it's all his fault and he killed Sunita. Stella's horrified.


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