Paul's furious that Eileen's gone behind his back and told the Station Manager that he's not ready to return to work. At the anniversary dinner party, Rob flirts with Deirdre who's in her element. When Rob insists they all try his home-made punch, Peter leaves, fed-up. Stella calls to see Dev. He tells her about the post mortem and wonders how on earth he's going to tell Asha and Aadi. Stella comforts him. Tim tells Anna and Faye that he's moving into the flat above the Corner Shop. Faye's thrilled. Hayley, Izzy and Beth call at No.9 and apologise to Fiz for the way they treated her. After some persuasion and with Tyrone's encouragement, Fiz agrees to return to her old job. Eileen admits to Paul that she's scared stiff of his returning to work and that since the Rovers fire she has constant nightmares that he might die because of his job. Dev tells Stella he's got to organise Sunita's funeral. Stella promises him that she and Karl will be there in support. Stella returns home and tells Karl about the results of Sunita's post mortem. As Karl realises that he's off the hook and that the police think Sunita started the fire and pulled out her own ventilator tube, he's flooded with relief. Dev talks to Asha and Aadi about their mum's funeral. Anna asks Dev not to rent out the shop flat to Tim as she doesn't want him nearby but Dev refuses as he needs the income. Anna's thwarted. Paul explains to Eileen how fire-fighting is his life and he can't give it up, but Eileen's adamant that she can't live with the fear of never knowing if he'll come home alive or not. They cling to each other, their relationship on the rack.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Paul is furious with Eileen for interfering and explains that firefighting is his life and he can’t give it up; Stella catches Karl making his escape; Dev talks to the twins about their mum's funeral; and Rob flirts with Deirdre.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,130,000 viewers (9th place).
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