Sophie calls to see Dev and offers her condolences. It's clear that he hasn't slept. Sylvia hands Dennis some hash cakes explaining that she made them herself as Stan didn't have time. Dennis is grateful. Jason apologises to Stella for his strop the other day and suggests they meet for a drink but Stella's non-committal and Jason leaves, hurt. When Paul notices the flowers that Eileen's bought for Dev he snaps at her for failing to buy Toni's husband any flowers. Eileen's taken aback. Tina goes for a scan. Izzy relents and asks the sonographer what sex the baby is. Gary's thrilled to discover it's a boy. Tina's withdrawn and refuses to look at the monitor. Dev breaks the news to Asha and Aadi that Sunita is dead. Rita finds Dennis stoned and asleep behind the counter in The Kabin. She wonders what on earth is the matter with him. Paul tells Eileen that he's returning to work. Eileen's quietly worried. Hayley drops in on Chesney and voices her concern for Fiz and Tyrone who are having to live separately. Chesney's thoughtful. Gary asks Tina why she barely looked at the baby. Tina explains that it's not her baby, she's just carrying it. Gary's perturbed. Nick offers the bistro for Sunita's wake at no cost. Leanne's touched. Tina arrives home to find someone has forced the door to her flat. She phones the police. Rita pretends to have eaten the rest of Dennis's brownie to shock him, before summoning Roy and Sylvia to put an end to matters. The police call at No.13 and explain to Stella and Karl that they need to ask them some questions about Sunita's death. Karl is consumed with panic.


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  • Dev Alahan breaking the news of Sunita's death to Aadi and Asha is not depicted on screen. Instead, the camera pulls back to the Street through No.7's living room window just as Dev is about to tell them, fading into the commercial break.
  • TV Times synopsis: Jason apologises to Stella for his moodiness and suggests they meet for a drink; and Tina returns from her latest scan to find someone has forced the door to her flat.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,740,000 viewers (5th place).
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