Stella and Karl continue to kiss but they quickly leap apart when Jason arrives. Eileen mentions her concerns about Paul's state of mind to Dr Carter who promises to have a chat with him. Dennis is amused to hear how some of Sylvia's brownies have been bought by unsuspecting customers until he finds out that Rita is one of them. Rita, Norris and Mary are about to tuck into the hash cakes when Sylvia and Dennis race in and grab the cakes out of their hands. They're totally bemused. Jason takes Stella out for dinner at the bistro and tells her that he's not happy with her spending so much time with Karl. Stella accuses him of being childish and Jason storms out in a huff. Stella admits to Karl that she wants him back but they need to take things slowly. Dr Carter calls to see Paul and tells him how Eileen's worried about him. Paul's furious and throws the doctor out declaring that he's fine. Dev's upset when he hears Norris and Mary gossiping about Sunita's involvement in the fire. He bans them from the Corner Shop. Tina's thrilled when Owen offers her more hours at the Builder's Yard. Realising that Gary was behind it, she thanks him. Eileen and Julie turn up at Tyrone's welcome home party. They apologise for siding with Kirsty and hope they can still be friends. Tyrone's accepting but Fiz is less forgiving. Eileen returns home to find Paul in a rage. He accuses her of telling people that he's lost the plot. Eileen's unnerved by his mood. Fiz and Tyrone arrive at No.9 to be told by Anna that Kirsty's been in touch and wants a meeting with Tyrone. As Stella and Karl head home, Dev comes out of his house in a state of excitement. He tells them that he's had a call from the hospital and Sunita's showing signs of regaining consciousness. Karl is quietly consumed with panic, realising this could be a total disaster for him.


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