Tyrone cradles Ruby, glad to be back home but emotional and depressed after his ordeal. Fiz is concerned for him. Paul is quiet and withdrawn and Eileen is worried, wishing she could do something to help. Julie tries to talk to Fiz in The Kabin but Fiz gives her short shrift and Julie realises that she's got some serious bridge-building to do with her old friend. Lloyd and Mandy look after Asha and Aadi for the day so that Dev can visit Sunita. Tyrone's subdued as he tells Fiz and Tina that Kirsty's been charged with perjury and perverting the course of justice. Fiz confides in Tina that she's worried about him as he seems reluctant to leave the house. Stella is discharged from hospital. Gloria, Eva and Karl are thrilled to have her home. Jason's put-out when Stella insists that Karl is welcome to stay on at No.13 with her. Stan Whitmore delivers some more brownies to Sylvia to help with the pain in her wrist. Tina and Tommy devise a plan to get Tyrone out of the house. Stella stares at the burnt out pub and becomes emotional. Karl comforts her. Gary leans on Owen to give Tina some more hours at the Builder's Yard now she's not earning anything at the Rovers. The consultant tells Dev that there's been no change in Sunita's condition. Anna unwittingly sells three of Sylvia's brownies to Rita. Sylvia despairs when she realises what's happened. Fiz drags a reluctant Tyrone round to Tina's flat. He's surprised and touched to find that Tommy and Tina have thrown him a surprise party to celebrate his home-coming. Stella and Karl cosy up on the sofa at No.13. Stella apologises for misjudging him and suggests a fresh start. They kiss passionately.


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