There's pandemonium in the court as Kirsty tries to hand Ruby to Tyrone. The judge calls order and insists that the usher takes care of Ruby. Kirsty tells the packed court that it was all lies and Tyrone's innocent. The police show the keys to Stella who confirms that they're the spare keys to the Rovers. Stella and Gloria are shocked to realise that Sunita is the arsonist. Fiz and Hayley celebrate Tyrone's victory in the gallery. As Kirsty is led out of court, she tells Tyrone that she really did love him. Tyrone and Kirsty are locked in the cells whilst the judge decides how to proceed. The police question Kirsty and she explains how she can't control her temper, she repeatedly hit Tyrone and she's worried she might do the same to Ruby. Gloria angrily tells Dev that he'd better off at home looking after his children than wasting his time at Sunita's bedside as she's a cold-blooded murderer. The prosecution withdraws its case against Tyrone and the judge announces that he's free to go. Fiz, Mary, Tina, Tommy and Hayley cheer with delight. Gloria tells Eileen and Paul that Sunita started the fire. They're shocked. Beth's furious to discover that Kirk's taking Chesney out instead of her, but when Kirk explains how gutted he'd feel if the boot were on the other foot and if Beth had gone off with someone else, Beth softens and gives them her blessing. With Roy out of the way, Sylvia accepts more brownies from Stan Whitmore. As Tyrone approaches Fiz outside the courtroom, the social worker hands over Ruby. Tyrone and Fiz embrace emotionally. Chesney gets drunk and tries to chat up Eva. Kirk takes him back home. Dev's distraught as he pours his heart out to Lloyd telling him how the police found the Rovers keys amongst Sunita's belongings. Lloyd's sympathetic. Holding Ruby, Tyrone and Fiz kiss as they leave court, happy to be a family at last. Kirsty watches them as she's bundled into a police van and finally breaks down.


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