As Paul and Eileen get ready to leave for Toni's funeral, Paul apologises to Jason for wrongly accusing him of killing his friend. Karl enjoys himself at No.13. Gloria fusses round him treating him as the hero who saved her daughter's life. After another one of Stan Whitmore's brownies, Sylvia is clearly spaced out on cannabis. Dennis is amused whilst Roy is perplexed, wondering what's wrong with her. Kirsty, at her wit's end, goes to see Dr Carter hoping for some sleeping pills, but when he suggests counselling instead, Kirsty flips and storms out of the surgery. Tyrone takes the witness box and tells the jury how he's suffered physical abuse at the hands of Kirsty for months and how he fears that she'll attack Ruby one day. Tyrone breaks down in tears. The jury are visibly moved. The police question Stella about the Rovers' keys, suggesting that the arsonist used the spare set of keys to gain entry. Karl masks his guilt. Glum Chesney tells Kirk that he's lost his pitch at the market after repeatedly turning up late. Kirk's sympathetic and agrees to meet him for a drink. Dennis pokes fun at Sylvia for getting high on Stan's hash cakes. Sylvia's shocked and angry to realise she's been drugged by a member of the One o'clock Club. Beth's annoyed when Kirk cancels their date telling her that he's promised to meet Chesney. Karl waits until Sunita is alone and then plants the spare keys to the Rovers in her hospital bedside cabinet, swapping them with her house keys. Julie confronts Kirsty about her outburst. Kirsty loses her temper and is about to come clean and admit to her lies when instead she slaps Julie hard round the face. Julie runs from No.9 shocked and in tears. Julie rushes to No.11 and tells Sean how they've all been duped by evil Kirsty. As Ruby continues to cry at No.9, Kirsty reaches the end of her tether and repeatedly shouts at her daughter to shut up.


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