As the Rovers burns, the onlookers are shocked to see Karl's face at the window with Stella. Rita's overcome with shock and emotion. Dr Carter tries to calm her down. Worried Dev leaves a message on Sunita's mobile telling her to ignore what he said before and that he wants to be with her more than ever. In desperation, Jason grabs the ladders from the Builder's Yard. Using the ladder, Paul and Toni enter the burning pub through the bedroom window. Paul rescues Stella and then Karl. The fire brigade arrive and find Sunita in the pub, unconscious but still alive. Dev's shocked. Emily looks after Asha and Aadi unaware of Sunita's peril. The fire suddenly causes a massive explosion which rocks the whole Street. For once Rita's grateful to Norris as he fusses over her. Worried sick about Toni who is still trapped in the Rovers, Paul tries to force his way back in but another fireman pulls him back. Tina spots Kirsty watching the proceedings from the window of No.9. As Karl and Stella are about to be driven away in an ambulance, another casualty is carried in. Karl is panic-stricken to see that it's Sunita and she's still alive. Nick offers up the bistro as an emergency community centre. When Paul gets a call to tell him that Toni's dead, he's inconsolable and blames himself for allowing her to enter the pub. Eileen feels helpless as she tries to comfort him. Jason, Eva, Leanne and Nick wait nervously in the hospital for news of Stella. Gloria sits at Stella's bedside and begs her daughter to pull through. The consultant warns Dev that Sunita may never regain consciousness. Karl secretly hopes he's right. Kylie swears to Gail that she loves David and will never cheat on him again. Gail agrees to move back to No.8 but warns Kylie that she'll be watching her like a hawk. Dev sits at Sunita's bedside begging her not to die. Karl remains quietly fearful that if Sunita survives, the terrible truth about how he started the Rovers fire will become known.


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