Katy's miffed when Ryan asks her to cover his shift so that he can take Steph out to lunch. With Chesney's encouragement, Katy reluctantly agrees. Jason moves into the Rovers. He's gutted when he loses the council building job, due to having no van. Stella worries about him. Eileen's thrilled with her engagement ring and shows it off at every opportunity. Sally and Sophie start to lose patience with Gail impinging on their household routines. Worn down by her mounting chores, Katy's snappy with Chesney. Fiz is concerned. Steph arrives at the kebab shop to meet Ryan. While Ryan gets changed, Katy plays the concerned friend and warns Steph about his drug-taking and relationship with Tracy. Steph's clearly put off. Karl taunts Jason about his recent bad luck. Jason seethes. Fiz thinks that Chesney needs to make Katy feel special once in a while, but he doesn't appreciate her advice. Sunita thanks Dev for the necklace the twins gave her for Mother's Day. She feels unworthy of his kindness. Over lunch at the bistro, Ryan challenges Steph on her sudden coolness towards him. Steph admits that she knows about Tracy and the drugs. Ryan realises exactly who has been badmouthing him. Steph makes her excuses and leaves. Sunita breaks down and confesses to Sophie she was a fool for losing Dev and she regrets leaving him. Sophie thinks she should tell Dev, but Sunita's adamant that he deserves better than her. Ryan angrily confronts Katy for poisoning Steph against him because she was jealous. Katy tries to deny it but Ryan silences her with a passionate kiss. Seeking revenge, Jason kicks the wing mirror off Karl's car. Katy tries to tear herself away from Ryan. He begs her to go out with him tonight, saying he will be waiting for her outside at 8.00pm. Katy's sorely tempted.


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