Eileen and Sean are puzzled when Paul takes up running in a bid to get into shape. Eva's sick of hypocritical Gloria playing the grief-stricken fiancée. Gloria's excited when Eric's solicitor arranges to call round to discuss his will. Fiz is hostile when the factory girls gossip in the cafe about Tyrone's forthcoming trial. Roy steps in to calm them. Following their kiss, Katy's awkward when Ryan calls round and asks her to cover his shift while he pursues a DJ job. Katy eventually agrees and gets Anna to babysit Joseph. Mandy enjoys making Lloyd squirm as they head to the Red Rec to scatter Flash's "ashes". Jenna plays along with her mum's charade. Eric's solicitor turns up at the Rovers with a woman called Doris in tow. Gloria and Eva are stunned when the solicitor introduces her as Eric's wife. Doris explains that she and Eric have been separated for years but never divorced. She claims that Eric had a penchant for gullible women and Gloria's merely the latest. Gloria's shocked to realise that Doris inherits all Eric's wealth and she won't get a penny. Dev's displeased to find Katy struggling in the kebab shop at lunchtime when Ryan should be working. Katy makes an excuse for him. Doris refuses to cough up for a funeral and tells Gloria that Eric's send-off is down to her. Roy comforts Fiz when she breaks down with worry over Tyrone's plight. When Gloria despairs of her predicament, Eva snaps and informs her that Eric knew she was only after his money and had invited her to go away with him instead. Gloria's appalled. At the Red Rec, solemn Mandy forces Lloyd to say a few words about Flash. Guilty Lloyd complies until Mandy and Jenna burst out laughing. They reveal that Flash is safe and well and the game's up. Lloyd feels a fool. Eileen quizzes Paul and makes him admit that Toni from the fire station is organising a Full Monty strip show in aid of charity. Sean and Eileen's eyes light up at the news. Chesney's annoyed to find that Katy has dumped Joseph on Anna and gone to work early. Ryan's grateful to Katy for getting him off the hook with Dev. Katy's flattered. An angry Chesney interrupts them, and shouts at Katy for ditching Joseph. Chesney storms off. Ryan comforts an upset Katy with a passionate kiss.


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