Kylie tries to deny that it's her handwriting but Gail can see through her lies and threatens to call the police. Jason offers Tim a job as a labourer. Faye's ecstatic whilst Owen and Anna are annoyed that he'll still be around. Kylie is forced to admit to Gail that she had a one-night stand, Lewis found out and was blackmailing her. Gail is livid to discover that Kylie helped Lewis rip her off just to save her own skin and threatens to tell David everything. Gloria admits that she's only known Eric Babbage for six weeks. Stella's horrified. Steve and Lloyd realise they've unwittingly disposed of Flash the tortoise on the tip. Katy enjoys spending the day with her girlfriends. Steph invites her to her 18th birthday at the bistro. Eric flashes the cash in the Rovers and Eva's impressed. Gloria discovers that Stella and Jason are an item and her jaw hits the floor. When Chesney tells Katy that they can't afford to go to Steph's 18th, Katy's disappointed but concedes that she hasn't anything to wear anyway. Kylie arrives at the bistro in a state of high dudgeon. She reassures Nick that she's kept his name out of it but begs him to speak to Gail and try and stop her from blabbing to David. Eric takes Gloria, Stella and Eva to dinner at the bistro. Leanne serves them and Eric notices the friction between the half-sisters. Lloyd returns from the tip empty-handed and wonders how he's going to break the news to Mandy that Flash is dead. Steve can't resist making a few tortoise jokes. Owen tries to talk Jason out of hiring Tim but Jason gives him short shrift and Owen's left fuming. Nick and Kylie beg Gail not to tell David about Kylie's one-night stand. Gail's astounded that Nick is taking Kylie's side. Kylie lets slip that it took place on Christmas Day and Gail is shocked to realise that the baby might not be David's. Stella and Eva are very taken with Eric whilst Gloria seems nonplussed. Gail declares she wants Kylie to confess everything to David then he'll finally see her for the tramp she really is.


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