Owen promises to try and keep a lid on his temper in future. Anna squeezes his hand. Faye's disappointed to see they've made up. David heads off to London for a hairdressing course leaving Kylie and Max at home. Mandy moves the rest of her belongings into Lloyd's flat including Flash, her tortoise. The police call at No.8 and tell Gail that Lewis boarded a flight to Belize and as there's no extradition treaty there's little that they can do. Gail spots Kirk wearing Lewis's clothes. Kirk explains how Lewis left all his gear in the flat. Gail demands it all back, hoping to sell it on eBay. Beth's disappointed as she was hoping to make a few quid for herself. Tim calls in the café and tells Faye he's been laid off at work and will have to take a labouring job in Kent. Faye's gutted. Gloria returns from the Algarve unannounced with Eric Babbage, her new fiancé, in tow. She shows off her huge engagement ring but Stella's unimpressed. Gail finds a piece of paper in the pocket of Lewis's blazer. On it are Gail's bank details. Gail realises that it isn't in Lewis's handwriting. Ryan asks Chesney if he can hire his van to do some DJ gigs. Chesney agrees. Katy's friends swoon over Ryan and can't believe that Katy has never clocked how good looking he is. When Jason places an ad for a labourer in The Kabin, Faye secretly phones Tim and tells him the good news. Gail calls in the bistro and recognising the handwriting in the bistro diary, realises that Kylie wrote down her bank details for Lewis. When Steve helps Lloyd take some things to the tip, he inadvertently scoops up the box containing Flash the tortoise. Gail confronts Kylie, demanding to know why she helped Lewis rip her off.


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