Fiz and Tyrone stock up with supplies and then head off for the ferry port. Sally accompanies Kirsty back to No.4 to collect Ruby. Kevin pretends to have been asleep. Sally goes upstairs to fetch Ruby but finds to her horror that Ruby has gone. When Sally discovers the unlocked patio doors, Kevin acts shocked whilst Kirsty sets off in frantic search of her daughter. Convinced that Tyrone's snatched Ruby, Kirsty barges into Tina's flat demanding to know where they are. Tina's none the wiser. Beth and Kirk take Marcus and Maria to a gay bar in town. Maria's put-out when Marcus, clearly at home, greets some of his old friends. Kirsty hammers on Fiz's door but on finding only Chesney and Katy at home, the penny drops and Kirsty realises that Tyrone and Fiz have run off together taking Ruby with them. Kirsty's incandescent. Kirsty and Sally report Ruby's abduction to the police. Kevin hovers nervously in the background. Sylvia babysits Faye and dozes off on the sofa. Faye takes the opportunity to do a runner and slips out of the front door. Gail begs Nick for a pay rise and Nick agrees. Gail then tells him how she's banished to the box room at No.8 and is desperate for somewhere else to live. Under duress, Nick tells her that she can move in with he and Leanne. Leanne's furious. When Marcus and the barman exchange lingering looks, Maria declares that she's had enough and leaves in a strop. Beth and Kirk go after her. Faye searches out Tim on the building site. She lies to him telling him that Anna's cool about their meeting up. Leanne lays down the law to Nick and tells him that Gail is not welcome in their flat and he needs to make that clear to her. Tim takes Faye to a café where they chat and get on well. Kirsty discovers the break-in at No.9 and the missing passport. She realises with alarm, Tyrone's intentions to take Ruby out of the country. Sean finds Marcus alone in the bar. As Tyrone and Fiz queue up for the ferry, Tyrone sees the police stopping each car. Convinced they're on to him, Tyrone does a U-turn and speeds off in the opposite direction.


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