Fiz and Tina are horrified at Tyrone's plan to plead guilty and point out that he'll be labelled a wife beater for ever and Ruby won't want to know him. Tracy has a drink with the factory girls and enjoys winding Michelle up. David and Kylie are down in the dumps as they explain to Audrey how Gail wants to jack their rent up and they can't afford to buy a house of their own as they'd need a deposit. Tyrone pays Kirsty a visit and begs her to let him have access to Ruby. Tyrone's astonished when Kirsty suggests he moves back in and they wipe the slate clean. Sylvia pretends she's lost her purse and borrows some money from Roy. Hayley's suspicious. When Tyrone tells Kirsty it's too late to try again as he doesn't love her any more, Kirsty's retaliates promising Tyrone she'll do everything she can to stop him seeing Ruby. Desperate to see his daughter, Tyrone peers through the windows of No.4 and watches Sally and Kevin playing with Ruby. Marcus and Maria enjoy a romantic night in until Beth, Craig and Kirk blunder in, ruining the moment. Maria finally snaps and tells them it's time they found somewhere else to live. With Sally upstairs, Kevin spots Tyrone lurking in the garden. Tyrone begs Kevin to let him hold Ruby. Kevin relents and Tyrone cries as he manages to snatch a few precious seconds with Ruby. Craig's upset at the thought of leaving Maria's flat. Beth promises she'll try and talk Maria round. Audrey calls at No.8 with a proposal. She offers to give David and Kylie the money for a deposit so they can buy No.8 from Gail and she can become their lodger. Gail's appalled at the idea whilst David and Kylie are thrilled. Tyrone tells Fiz that Kirsty has left him no choice and he intends to snatch Ruby and take her abroad.


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Michelle Connor (about Tracy Barlow): "I swear to God you could use that woman as a form of torture".

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