Over breakfast in Roy's Rolls, Deirdre wonders why Tracy's so perky. Rob comes over and Tracy tells him that she's decided to accept his offer of a date. The social worker informs Anna that Tim's risk assessment has come back clean. Kirsty agrees to let Tyrone have an arranged visit with Ruby. Julie thinks that Kirsty's incredibly trusting and generous. Gail and Lewis walk arm in arm in the Street and Gail assures him that she can't wait to move to Italy. Audrey berates the pair of them for publicly rubbing her nose in it. Gail calls in the bistro for her final wages. Nick's short with her and accuses her of trampling on her own mother to get what she wanted. Sophie and Jenna have a heart to heart and Jenna finally admits to her feelings. Sophie suggests they start seeing each other. Kylie's suffering from morning sickness. Leanne insists that she take a break. Tyrone's thrilled when he gets a call to tell him that Kirsty's agreed to let him see Ruby. Lewis secretly prints off Gail's bank details from the bistro computer. Kylie and Nick enter the office and Lewis quickly hides under the desk. Kylie assures Nick that his secret is safe and no one will ever know that he could be the father of her baby. Under the desk, Lewis is flabbergasted. Rob takes Tracy for lunch at the bistro. Tracy dares him to give her a job and he agrees, telling her to start at the factory. Lewis quietly lets Kylie know that he overheard her conversation with Nick and could blow her sordid secret sky high. Kylie's deeply worried.


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