Everyone's shocked to learn of Tyrone and Fiz's affair. Kirsty swears that he'll never see Ruby again. Fiz forces her way to the front of the church and tells the congregation that Kirsty's a vicious bully and regularly beats up Tyrone, but desperate to hang on to his daughter, Tyrone shuns Fiz and begs Kirsty to marry him. Anna discovers that Faye's missing. She and Owen look through Faye's computer and are horrified to realise she's gone to meet a man called Tim who works on a building site. Tyrone angrily blames Fiz for the whole crazy wedding idea, pointing out that he'll probably never see his daughter again. Fiz is beside herself. When Tracy demands Rob carry her shopping and load it into the taxi for her, it's clear that he admires her cheek. Tyrone returns to an empty house and breaks down. He admits to Kevin that it's true, Kirsty beats him regularly but he puts up with it for Ruby's sake. Faye meets up with Tim who takes her for a hot chocolate. Eileen and Deirdre discuss the Tyrone and Kirsty situation. They agree that from what they've seen and heard, it's Tyrone who's been abusing Kirsty, not the other way round. Lewis tells Gail that he loves her and he'd like her to move to Italy with him where they could run a small boutique hotel in Tuscany. Gail's taken aback but clearly tempted. Just as Anna and Owen are about to phone the police, Faye returns home. When they question her about Tim, she explains that she went to meet her real dad. Kirsty returns home with Ruby. Tyrone's relieved to see them, but Kirsty makes it plain she wants retribution and Tyrone's visibly frightened.


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  • First appearance of Tim Metcalfe.
  • The scene where Tracy McDonald meets Rob Donovan in his taxi was recorded in Ridgefield in Manchester, south of King Street.
  • TV Times synopsis: Kirsty and Tyrone return home to discuss their future; Gail is stunned when Lewis reveals he loves her and wants her to move to Naples with him; and Anna logs on to Faye's computer after discovering she is missing.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 10,030,000 viewers (2nd place). This was the highest rated episode of the year and was the last episode of Coronation Street to top the ten-million viewer mark.
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