Simon's upset at the thought of Leanne moving to Leeds. Leanne explains that she hopes he'll go with her. Jason agrees to clear out the gutters at No.7 for Sunita. Whilst he's on the roof he notices a couple of slates missing and offers to fix those too. Peter forbids Leanne from taking Simon to live in Leeds but she refuses to listen. Lloyd has a go at Sophie for putting Jenna's job at risk. Sophie's perplexed until Lloyd reveals how Kevin has reported Jenna to her boss. Sophie's furious. Spotting Jason on the roof of No.7, Karl removes his ladders leaving him stranded. Leanne explains to Nick that she's moving away as she can't bear seeing him every day and knowing the hurt she's caused. Gail's delighted to hear that Leanne's moving to Leeds and tells Nick that he's best shut of her and can do so much better. Sunita finds Jason's ladders and returns them. She's furious with Karl who clearly drunk, tells her that he's heading back to The Flying Horse rather than listen to her rant. Dev points out to Sunita that Karl is making a fool of her. Jenna arrives in the Rovers and informs Lloyd and Mandy that she's been suspended from work. Lewis persuades Gail that given his track record with women, he'd like to take things slowly in the physical sense. Gail thinks that he's kind and caring. Hayley arrives from Palm Springs. Roy's thrilled to have her back. Hayley tells him how Sylvia milked her incapacity. Nick tells Leanne that despite everything he doesn't want her to leave. Leanne begs him to give her one more chance and marry her tomorrow. Karl arrives in the Rovers drunk. Stella shoves him in the back room with a pint of water. Sophie tries to talk to Jenna but she's angry and blames Sophie for jeopardising her job. Sophie's upset. Nick and Leanne announce they're getting married tomorrow. Stella's thrilled for them whilst Gail's furious and vows to boycott the wedding.


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