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Gail pulls away from Lewis telling him that although their kiss was magical, they could never be together as Audrey would be so hurt. Lewis feigns disappointment, and assuring Gail he understands, leaves. Gail's immediately regretful. Nick admits to Leanne that deep down he still loves her but knows he can't trust her. Jenna tells Sophie that she's made excellent progress and should be able to lose her back brace very soon. Sophie's inordinately grateful and there's a frisson between them. Gail arrives at the bistro looking for Lewis. She's gutted when Nick informs her that Lewis has gone to meet his friend, intent on taking the job in Italy after all. The health and safety officer grills Tommy over Fiz's boiler. Eventually, satisfied that Tommy isn't a danger to the public, he agrees to drop the case. Audrey goes on a second date with Henry Wilkins. Lewis serves them and whilst he finds Henry common and uncouth, it's clear he still has feelings for Audrey. Sophie tells Ryan that she reckons her feelings for Jenna are reciprocated. Ryan's sceptical and worries that Sophie's deluding herself. Lewis and Gail offer to stay behind in the bistro and clear up. Nick and Kylie leave them to it. Gail tells Lewis that she's changed her mind and wants to be with him. Lewis takes her in his arms and they kiss passionately. Leanne approaches Nick on his way home from work and implores him to give their relationship another chance. She tells him that she's rearranged their wedding for a week's time and it's up to him to be there. Nick's stunned. Tyrone's hugely relieved to find out Tommy won't be prosecuted over Fiz's boiler, whilst Kirsty's gutted. Rob enjoys telling Carla how he pinched the Macnee's order from her. Carla's seething. Lewis tells Gail that she's the love of his life and he'll call Patrick Woodson and tell him that he no longer wants the job in Italy. They agree to keep their relationship under wraps for the time being.


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