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Tyrone's distraught, desperate to stay with Fiz but realising he has to get back to Kirsty or she'll become suspicious. He frantically phones Tina. Nick opens Leanne's present to find it's a wallet with a picture of him, Leanne and Simon inside. Tina promises Tyrone that she'll look after Fiz and wait for the ambulance. Tyrone arrives in the Rovers and hiding his inner turmoil from Kirsty, joins in the New Year's Eve celebrations. Nick throws the wallet back at Leanne, telling her it's over between them. Leanne's devastated. Tina lies to the paramedics saying that she found Fiz. Carla interrogates Michelle over Rob's doctored accounts. Michelle assures Carla that she begged Rob not to cook the books but he wouldn't listen. Carla confronts Rob and threatens to report him to the police for fraud. Rob tries to make out he was only trying to save everyone's jobs but Carla's disbelieving. Dennis and Rita watch as Fiz is taken away in an ambulance. Tina goes with her. With Tina off for the evening, Jason gives Stella a hand behind the bar. Carla's furious and tells Rob that he's fired. Michelle fears for her own job too. Deeply concerned about Fiz, Tyrone admits to Tommy that he's having an affair with Fiz behind Kirsty's back and needs to know how she is. Tommy promises to phone Tina. The doctor tells Tina that Fiz has carbon monoxide poisoning and may have suffered brain damage. He suspects a dodgy boiler may have caused it. Lewis watches Audrey wistfully as she enjoys an evening with her new date, Henry Wilkins. Tommy relays the information about Fiz to Tyrone, who's beside himself realising that Fiz might die and it could be his fault as he fixed her boiler.


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