Gary and Owen unload their van. Kylie grabs a crowbar from them and starts banging the door to Tina's flat. David and Tina emerge and Kylie turns on Tina until David silences her by revealing that Tina's pregnant with Gary and Izzy's baby. Kylie's dumbfounded. Leanne explains to Nick that she couldn't go away and leave Simon at Peter's mercy, in case he tried to abscond with him again. Leanne assures Nick that she's still determined to marry him, but they will have to reschedule. Nick's furious. David and Kylie argue. David denies sleeping with Tina but points out that Kylie's done far worse than that in her time, selling her son. Kylie walks out. Carla's defensive when Ken remarks on the bad timing of her and Peter's return. Simon asks Peter to stay for good. Peter agrees to think about it. Simon's hopeful. Mandy tells Stella that she's searching for a man for her. In Underworld, Rob and Michelle conduct a meeting with a client when Carla bursts in and denounces his new product. Embarrassed Rob ushers the client out. Rita tries to book a cab at Street Cars but when Steve establishes that it's for Dennis as well, he turns her away, saying Dennis is barred. Rita leaves in high dudgeon. Leanne thanks Nick for being understanding. Gail helps Nick cancel the wedding plans, while Eva's quietly smug that it's been called off. Rob's outraged by Carla swanning in and gatecrashing his meeting. Carla's unapologetic and makes it plain that she's the boss. Peter proudly tells Ken how he and Carla have beaten the booze. Kirsty gets glammed-up for her night out with Tyrone. Julie babysits Ruby. Rita decides to support Dennis and refuses to serve Steve in The Kabin. Mandy and Eileen arrange for Paul to bring his new colleague Vince to meet Stella. Realising resistance is futile, Stella agrees to meet him for lunch. Nick surprises Leanne by revealing that he's booked them another wedding at Dalebrook Hall on Christmas Day. Leanne's delighted while Eva's downcast. David tracks Kylie down to the bistro. Seeing him arrive, Kylie suddenly grabs nearby Tommy and snogs the face off him. David tells her she's pathetic. Tyrone and Kirsty return home. Kirsty's hopeful of an early night but Tyrone claims he's shattered from looking after Ruby all day. Kirsty's disappointed but accepts this. Peter calls on Carla, who's catching up on work in the office. She's incensed when he says that he wants to stay permanently. Once he's gone, Carla reaches for a bottle of scotch from her drawer and takes a swig, hating the idea of remaining in Weatherfield.


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