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Christine accuses May of putting it on with her headache complaints. She storms off to work after another row. GP Dr. Tinsley tells Ena off for discharging herself. She’s furious that the hospital sent a policeman after her and that they wouldn’t tell her what was wrong with her. He tells her it’s simple senile decay. Elsie is late for work and chooses to take the day off instead. Dennis gets dressed up smartly for a job but won’t say why. Florrie’s conviction and fine of £1 for selling goods after hours appears in the paper. Martha is surprised to see Ena home and is thrown out of the Mission by her. May has trouble see the writing in the newspaper and the ticking of the clocks hammers in her head. She tries to knock on the hallway wall to summon help from the adjoining corner shop. Florrie, Elsie and Harry rush round but find her dead in the hall. Esther returns home to the shocking news and finds that Christine insisted on going to the hospital on her own to collect her mother's things. She takes charge of her when she returns and insists she stays with her for the night. Christine is in a daze and feels guilty for snapping at her mother the last time they talked. She finally breaks down. Dennis tells Elsie he’s got a job front of house at a club in Manchester. Elsie organises a collection for a wreath from the residents. Malcolm Wilkinson deliberately avoids Christine, shocking the neighbours. Concepta draws the numbers for the Rovers’ New Year raffle. May’s ticket wins the first prize and they re-draw it. Dennis arrives home at 1.15am and smugly tells Elsie and Linda that his estranged dad was in the club.


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