Gloria remains unrepentant and does her best to convince Stella that she was only trying to help. Stella's incandescent. The journalist scribbles away getting Norris and Mary's version of events on how Gloria set out to fraudulently win the competition and the award is passed to the Weatherfield Arms. With the bonfire party in full flow, Stella hands out free hot dogs to try and appease her customers after the competition debacle. Mandy works her first shift at the Rovers. Audrey tentatively tries to build bridges with Lewis but although sad at losing her, Lewis is adamant that there's no going back. Audrey's gutted. Maria half-heartedly sounds out Marcus about moving to London and when he says that he doesn't miss the place, Maria's quietly pleased. Deirdre, now sure that Wendy is just a sad, deluded old woman leaves a note for Ken apologising for the fact that she didn't believe him. Gail tries to apologise to Lewis for causing the break-up of his and Audrey's relationship but it cuts no ice with Lewis who gives her short shrift. Stella tells Gloria how she feels betrayed by her and wonders if she ever really loved her. Gloria's hurt and suggests that she should move out. To Gloria's horror, Stella reckons it's for the best. Wendy calls at No.1 and admits to Ken she hoped they could rekindle their old feelings. Ken makes it clear that's never going to happen. Wendy apologises for her bunny-boiler behaviour and promises that she'll drop the unfounded allegations against him and resign from the Board of Governors. Ken's relieved. Sophie's clearly impressed with Jenna's physiotherapy programme whilst Sally remains sceptical. When Maria tells Aiden that Marcus isn't keen to move back to London, he's disappointed and reckons he might turn the new job down. Maria's frustrated. Ken tells Deirdre about Wendy's visit and how she admitted the truth. Ken and Deirdre are reconciled and share a tender kiss. Eva watches upset as Gloria leaves in a taxi. Stella remains resolute. Lewis pops his head into Gloria's taxi and enjoys telling her about his part in her downfall.


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