Lewis thanks Nick for letting him stay. Gloria passes by and Lewis takes the opportunity to point out to her how she's ruined his relationship with Audrey. Ken tells Deirdre that Brian will be conducting a formal investigation into Wendy's allegations. He's annoyed that his name will be dragged through the mud. Gloria takes a call from Lancashire Leisure magazine to say that the Rovers has won "Pub of the Year". Gloria's ecstatic as she explains to Stella that Mr Mathers, the Editor, will be calling in to present the plaque and the prize. Deirdre chews over the Ken and Wendy situation with Rita. Deirdre wonders if Ken's telling the truth. Rita suggests they confront Wendy and find out. Steve sends some flowers to Michelle in Ireland hoping to prompt her into contacting him but to no avail. Lewis hears about Gloria's competition success but discovers from Norris and Mary how she cheated by writing her own customer comment cards. In the salon, Audrey's still weepy over Lewis. Maria makes her a cup of tea. Jenna catches Lloyd and Mandy kissing in the street. They leap apart but Jenna assures them that she already knows about their relationship and she's cool with it. Lloyd and Mandy are delighted. Aiden confides in Maria he's been offered a job in London and wonders if Marcus would be prepared to move with him. Mr Mathers from Lancashire Leisure turns up at the pub with a photographer in tow. Gloria's in her element. Lewis arrives at the Rovers with a reporter from the Gazette. At Lewis's suggestion, Mr Mathers reads out some of the customer comments. There's an outcry as it becomes apparent that Gloria wrote the cards herself. Deirdre and Rita confront Wendy, who lies through her teeth saying how Ken forced his way back into her life, but Deirdre and Rita smell a rat; realising that Wendy is a bitter, lonely old woman. A tussle breaks out in the pub and in front of the Gazette reporter, Gloria desperately tries to grab the plaque from Mr Mathers. As Stella steers a humiliated Gloria through to the back room, Lewis catches Audrey's eye.


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