Sophie comes round after the operation and tells Kevin that she hasn't any feeling in her legs. Sophie's frightened. As Tina prepares her embryo transfer appointment, Tommy prepares for a job interview. He promises that he'll be back in time to take her to the fertility clinic. Ken tells Deirdre and Tracy the terrible news about Sophie and how Ryan, high on drugs, caused the accident. Ken blames Tracy for Ryan's state of mind whilst yet again, Deirdre defends her feckless daughter. Ryan calls on Sally and tells her how deeply sorry he is for his part in Sophie's accident. Sally, barely able to contain her anger, tells him that he deserves to suffer and he's not welcome in her house. Gloria gets Leanne to write her out a fake cheque for £12,500 - claiming that she's had a big win on the horses. Lewis is thrilled for Gloria, telling her that there's no one more deserving of some good luck. Tommy pours his heart out to Rita telling her how unhappy he is at the idea of Tina renting out her womb to pay off his debts. Rita advises him to do something about it. Ken arrives for a governors meeting. Wendy can see something is bothering him and suggests they have a chat after the meeting. Roy and Mary return from their meeting with the licensing officer. Roy tells Anna they were lucky just to receive a warning and nothing more. Nick forces Kylie to confess that it was she who reported them. Roy thanks Kylie for her honesty and shocks Mary, by banning her from the cafe in the future. Mary leaves upset. Gary and Izzy wait nervously at the fertility clinic for Tommy and Tina. Sophie tells Kevin and Sally that she wants to see Ryan. Tina realises that Tommy's driving the wrong way for the fertility clinic. Tommy explains that he's not going to let her go ahead with the surrogacy and they can go anywhere as long as it's well away from the clinic. Tina's stunned.


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