As Sophie lies unconscious, Ryan panics whilst the driver of the car phones for an ambulance. Eileen, Paul, Beth and Kirk have a great time at Mary's Greek Night. When Beth produces another couple of bottles of Ouzo the party becomes more raucous. As the ambulance arrives, Ryan, - realising he's in serious trouble - makes a run for it. Kevin gets a phone call to say that Sophie's been in a car accident. Jason's put-out when Marcus and Aiden gatecrash his romantic evening in with Maria. Gloria and Lewis meet furtively in the Rovers' yard. Gloria tells Lewis that she doesn't want to sit in and mope so she's bought two tickets for the dog track. Lewis is impressed by her attitude. Unbeknown to them, Emily spies them from a distance. Roy arrives back from Palm Springs a few days early having left Hayley looking after Sylvia and Milton. He heads for the café. Kevin, worried sick, keeps a vigil at Sophie's bedside. Drunken Beth and Eileen try to persuade Mary to join in their Greek dancing. Mary loses her balance sending a pile of plates crashing to the floor just as Roy enters. The Police tell Kevin that Sophie was with a young man when she was hit by the car. Audrey buys Emily a drink and tells her how Lewis is visiting an old friend. Emily keeps her counsel but is secretly worried. Steve and Michelle learn from Ken that Ryan went into town with Sophie. Roy's furious with Mary for transforming his café into a drunken taverna. As the customers file out, the Licensing Officer arrives and tells them that he has reason to believe they've been selling alcohol illegally. Tommy reluctantly agrees to a game of darts with Gary, but when Gary starts banging on about the baby again, Tommy loses his temper and snaps at him. The surgeon tells Kevin that Sophie has suffered a spinal injury and may never walk again. Kevin's devastated.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sophie is rushed to hospital, where Kevin learns that she has suffered a spinal injury and may never walk again; and Roy returns from America early and is horrified to walk in on the drunk diners at Mary's Greek night.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 8,480,000 viewers (8th place).
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