Ryan's devastated over Tracy's revelations. Michelle tries to comfort him. Ken and Deirdre are disgusted with Tracy for her treatment of Ryan. Tracy shrugs off their contempt. Audrey tells Lewis that she'll book them into a nice restaurant for dinner. When Mary tells Anna she's planning a Greek Night at the café, Anna makes it clear that she's having nothing to do with it. Izzy and Gary set off for the clinic where Izzy has her eggs harvested. Steve forces his way into Michelle's flat insisting they have to talk. Michelle's still furious with him but gradually Steve wins her round explaining how he never wanted to hurt her and has loved her all along. Gloria lets Lewis think that she's quietly in agony. Lewis fusses round her and insists she puts her feet up in the back room. Gloria enjoys the attention. As Ryan discovers how Steve set him up, getting him to propose to Tracy, he's convinced that Michelle must have been in on the plan too. Michelle swears she knew nothing about it but Ryan's disbelieving and storms out angrily. In a fury, Ryan jumps in a cab and asks the driver to take him to a bar in town. Worried about her mate, Sophie jumps in the car with him. Gloria dupes Lewis into agreeing to have dinner with her, pretending she needs to talk about her illness. Ryan gets drunk, scores some cocaine and starts a fight in the bar. Sophie watches helplessly until the bouncer throws him out. Guiltily Lewis cancels dinner with Audrey pretending that he's seeing an old friend with marriage troubles. Audrey's none the wiser. High on cocaine, Ryan plays chicken with the traffic on a dual carriageway. Sophie implores him to stop but Ryan purposely ignores her. At the Greek Night, Beth produces her own Ouzo. Mary points out that they shouldn't be drinking spirits but her words fall on deaf ears. As Sophie makes a last desperate attempt to pull Ryan off the dual carriageway, she's knocked down by an oncoming car. Ryan is stunned.


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