Dr Carter assures Tyrone that Ruby is fine and asks Tyrone what happened. Tyrone covers for Kirsty and tells him that the pram collapsed with Ruby in it. Jenna throws Lloyd out of the clinic and threatens to call security. Brian's intrigued to learn of Ken and Wendy's affair. Ken's uncomfortable and wishes he'd never agreed to stand. Michelle catches Kirk and Beth snogging in the factory and orders them back to work. Fiz finds Tyrone and Ruby cold and alone outside. Realising there's something wrong, she insists they come back to No.5. Stella's furious to hear how Gloria's been reading the confidential comments and has barred Norris and Mary as a result. She forces Gloria to apologise to Norris and promises he and Mary a free meal at the Rovers. Tyrone pours his heart out to Fiz and swearing her to secrecy, tells her of Kirsty's violence, the abuse he's suffered and how he's worried about Ruby's safety. Fiz is horrified and assures him that he and Ruby can stay at No.5 whenever they like. Ken is elected chair of the governors, one vote ahead of Wendy. She congratulates him, leaving Ken feeling awkward and out of sorts. Lloyd tells Eileen that he's going to make a physiotherapy appointment with Jenna; that way she can't avoid him. Tyrone returns home and whilst Kirsty puts Ruby to bed, he phones Kirsty's counsellor for advice. Ken reckons that he should step down from his new position as Deirdre will be furious to find out he's working with Wendy, but Brian won't hear of it. An oblivious Deirdre congratulates Ken on his win. Michelle presents Ryan with a rent book explaining from now on he pays his way. Tyrone confronts Kirsty with his new-found knowledge that she's not been seeing her counsellor. Kirsty tries to make excuses but Tyrone's livid and tells her that from now on his priority is Ruby and keeping her safe.


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