Mandy admits that she had an affair with Lloyd and he's Jenna's father. Jenna's devastated. Gloria installs the comments box in the Rovers and mithers the punters to place their complimentary comments in it. Stella despairs and tells her to stop harassing the customers. Tommy makes it plain that he's still not happy about Tina's surrogacy plan but just resigned to it. Owen and Tina are concerned. Mandy's furious with Lloyd for turning their lives upside down. She asks him to leave. A loved-up Kirk and Beth enjoy a drink together. Beth invites Kirk back to her flat. Owen calls on Tommy and Tina and gives them £5,000 in cash, explaining that it's their first instalment and he doesn't want them stressing about money. Lloyd returns to Street Cars and tells Eileen what a fool he's been and how through lack of judgement he's just gained and lost a daughter all in one day. Tina orders Tommy to give £2,000 of the money to Micky at the pizza place for the repairs to the van. Stella catches Gloria writing her own highly complimentary comment cards and does her best to confiscate them. Tommy and Tina call at No.9 and give the remaining £3,000 to Tyrone and Kirsty to pay off a chunk of their debt. Kirsty's ungrateful and reckons that the money must be dodgy. Paul and Eileen are doing their best to comfort Lloyd when Jenna storms into the pub. She accuses Lloyd of wrecking her life and tells him to stay away in future. Lloyd's gutted. Tina's pleased that they've got Kirsty off their backs for a bit but Tommy points out they're now beholden to Owen instead and there's no going back on the agreement.


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