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Over a bacon barm at Roy's Rolls, Cliff Pughes tells Gail all about his relationship with Gloria and how they worked together in a dry cleaners. Gail realises that Gloria's a fantasist. Beth excitedly tells Kirk and Fiz how she's arranged to meet one of her internet dates. Fiz warns her to be careful. Having mulled the idea over, Izzy finally agrees that she'd like Tina to be their surrogate. Owen and Anna are pleased whilst Gary is completely thrilled. Tommy, still in shock at Faye's news, sits stewing in the flat. Gail returns to the bistro and enjoys poking fun at Gloria about Cliff and the dry cleaning business. Gloria admits she exaggerated her Spanish lifestyle and begs Gail not to tell anyone. Tommy calls in the Rovers and angrily tells Tina how Faye overheard her offering herself up as a surrogate. At a concert in town, Lloyd bumps into an old girlfriend, Mandy. They go for a drink and get on well but when Lloyd suggests they meet up again, Mandy makes her excuses. Tina does her best to calm Tommy down and explains how they'd be helping Gary and Izzy whilst digging themselves out of debt, but Tommy hates the idea and accuses Tina of selling her body. Under pressure from Gail, Gloria apologises to Stella and promising that she'll never interfere in her love life again, asks if she can move to the Rovers. Stella relents and mother and daughter are reunited. Tommy calls at No.6 and announces that Tina is no longer going to be their surrogate as he disapproves of the whole idea. Gary and Izzy are taken aback. Owen's cross with Faye for interfering. Tommy tells Tina that if she goes ahead with the surrogacy then they're finished.


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