Tommy's feeling very down and suggests to Tina that it might have been better if he'd died in the crash as he's brought her nothing but misery. Gloria dupes Gail into handing over the keys to the bistro insisting that she's family and she's going to give the place a good clean. Gail's miffed. Owen asks Tina if she was serious about being a surrogate mother for Izzy and Gary. Tina tells him that she and Tommy are in financial straits and if the price is right she'll do it. Kirk finds a copy of Beth's personal ad on the factory floor. Kirk tells Beth that she's nothing like Barbie but more like an Afghan Hound. Beth's offended whilst Kirk's bemused. Lloyd tries to persuade first Steve then Dev to join him at a gig but neither of them are interested. Lloyd's hurt. Tina agrees on a fee of £15,000 with Owen. He calls a meeting at No.6 with Anna, Izzy and Gary. He introduces Tina and explains that she's offered to be their surrogate if they'll agree to it. Izzy quizzes Tina as to her motives. Tina admits she needs the money but points out that she'll be less emotionally involved as a result. Faye overhears the discussion. Kevin hands Tyrone and Kirsty the proceeds of a whip-round for the baby. They're touched. Gloria's holding court in the bistro when Cliff Pughes enters looking for her. Gloria quickly ushers him out on the pretence that he's a nuisance punter. Gail and Nick are intrigued. Faye lets slip to Tommy that she overheard Tina offering to be Izzy and Gary's surrogate in return for payment. Tommy's stunned.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tina asks Gary and Izzy to keep her proposition a secret, little realising Faye has heard everything; and lonely Lloyd bumps into an old flame. (Note: the scene of Lloyd meeting Mandy was moved to the next episode after this synopsis was produced)
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,660,000 viewers (12th place).

Notable dialogue

Julie Carp (about Beth Tinker): "If she was the last little piggy on the earth, my Brian would not waste his huff and puff on 'er."

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