Owen and Chesney are relieved at Izzy's decision whilst Gary is devastated. Katy's confused but Izzy's adamant that it wouldn't be fair on the whole family. Tina and Tommy row over their lack of money and lack of friends. With Stella out of the way, Gloria asks Karl to do a few hours at the Rovers. Owen and Anna do their best to celebrate Katy's birthday and Faye presents her with a cake, but the atmosphere remains tense between Gary and Izzy. Fed-up with watching Tracy drool over Ryan, Michelle thanks Deirdre for dinner and drags Steve back home. Sean's unimpressed at Gloria's new pub menu and reckons that Betty will turning in her grave at the lack of hotpot. Rita finds an upset Tina outside. She admits that she's messed everything up and taking pity on her, Rita insists that she stays the night with her and Dennis. Chesney gently tells Katy how Izzy's decision is for the best as the surrogacy would have driven a wedge between them all. Stella arrives back from her spa day to find Karl behind the bar. She kicks him out and rows with Gloria. When Gloria threatens to leave, Stella calls her bluff. Michelle tells Steve that she's reaching the end of her tether with Tracy and it's clear she's only using Ryan. With suitcase in tow and warning Stella she may never see her again, Gloria leaves the Rovers. Stella remains resolute. Izzy pours her heart out to Gary and explains how although she appreciates Katy's offer to be a surrogate it would be unfair to take advantage of her. Izzy insists she doesn't want to ruin Gary's life and he must find someone else who can give him children. Gary's stunned. Gloria arrives in the bistro complete with luggage. After learning that Stella has thrown her out, an amused Leanne offers to make up the spare bed at their flat. Anna finds Gary alone and upset. Gary explains how he's lost everything.


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