Gary and Izzy present Katy with a beautiful sapphire necklace for her 18th birthday. Chesney's annoyed that they're just trying to ensure she agrees to the surrogacy but Katy disagrees and makes Chesney promise to be on his best behaviour. Gloria treats Stella to a spa day, insisting that she'll be fine running the Rovers in her absence. Tyrone and Kirsty arrive home and proudly show off their new baby. Jason's cold towards Tommy and Tina as he tells them that Tyrone and Kirsty's baby is fine and well, no thanks to them. Gary, Izzy, Chesney and Katy attend their first surrogacy meeting. When the counsellor points out that Katy may not want to give the baby up after carrying it for nine months, Izzy's quietly concerned. Deirdre arrives home and is shocked to find Ryan and Tracy in a state of undress in the living room. Left in charge at the Rovers, Gloria parks herself on a barstool and makes Sean do all the work. Deirdre makes her disapproval of Ryan and Tracy's relationship clear but Tracy's unrepentant, citing the age difference between Ken and Deirdre as her defence. Gloria shocks the regulars by telling them that hotpot is off the menu as it's old-fashioned and she intends to make some changes. When Steve drops Amy off at No.1, Tracy insists that he joins them for tea. Michelle calls at No.1 and is incensed to find Steve having tea with Deirdre, Tracy, Ryan and Amy. Tracy invites Michelle to join them. Tommy and Tina call at No.9 with a present for the baby, hoping to make peace, but Kirsty's furious and demands they leave immediately. Feeling he has no choice, Tyrone sees them out and tells them not to come back. Over Deirdre's stuffed marrow, Tracy and Michelle trade insults, Steve and Ryan listen uncomfortably and Deirdre gets drunk. Owen and Anna throw a barbecue for Katy's 18th birthday. Gary witters on about the baby until Chesney loses his rag and accuses Gary and Izzy of abusing Katy's kind nature. Izzy, her doubts bubbling to the surface, shocks everyone by announcing that she no longer wants Katy to be a surrogate.


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