Tommy returns from his night shift exhausted. Tina's concerned that he's trying to do too much and insists he goes straight to bed. It's Kirsty's due date and Tyrone fusses round her. Ryan apologises to Rob for being such an idiot and assures him that he's a changed person. Rob hopes he means it but tells Ryan that he'll have to find another job. Depressed, Ryan suggests to Michelle that he could leave for London and start afresh, but Michelle's not keen to let him out of her sight. When Karl tells Sunita that he's got himself a job doing a few hours driving, she's unimpressed and tells him to try and find a proper job. Sean buys a replacement vase hoping that Paul will never notice. Kirsty overhears Tina moaning to Anna about the crazy hours Tommy is working to try and repay his debts. Kirsty calls on Tommy and purposely wakes him up demanding his next loan instalment. Michelle's thrilled when Steve sorts Ryan out with a job at kebab shop working for Dev. Tina's furious to learn that Kirsty woke Tommy up knowing how little sleep he's had. She tells Tommy that she'll sort out Kirsty and the loan repayment. Paul notices that Lesley's vase has been replaced and demands to know what's going on. Seeing Ryan working in the kebab shop, Tracy forms a plan. Tina calls at No.9 and pays Kirsty the money. The girls tear verbal chunks out of each other and Kirsty promises Tina that one day she'll give her a beating. Tracy introduces herself to Ryan and starts work at the kebab shop. When Beth calls in, Tracy lets slip how she plans to use Ryan to score points off Michelle.


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