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Tommy's shocked when Tyrone insists he's definitely sacked and their friendship is over. Tyrone's sad, despite his steeliness. Michelle frets that Ryan didn't come home after last night's gig. Steve reassures her. Eileen mentions needing a new sofa, but is taken aback to arrive home to find Paul has replaced it, along with some other furniture, with some of Lesley's from storage. Eva's delighted when Rob apologises to her and they decide to get back together. However, Stella's flustered when Rob makes it clear that he's still interested in her. Karl sells smoke detectors to Roy and Kevin, talking up their high specification. Michelle's relieved when Ryan arrives home, claiming to have enjoyed the gig. His cover is blown when Sophie happens by and thanks him for selling her the tickets. Tommy explains to Kevin that Tyrone has sacked him, and asks if he will take him back. Kevin refuses to override Tyrone's decision but agrees to have a word with him. Kevin's intrigued when Tyrone refuses to re-employ Tommy at the garage. Steve and Michelle are horrified to realise Ryan sold the gig tickets to Sophie and spent the proceeds on drugs. A huge row erupts and Ryan storms out. As everyone coos over Tyrone and Kirsty in the Rovers, seething Tommy explodes and blurts out that Kirsty hits Tyrone. Tina backs him up but Tyrone convincingly denies it. As Kirsty flees in tears, Tyrone hits back and reveals how Tommy used the garage for drug running. Everyone's scandalised while Kevin's furious. Tyrone calms Kirsty, assuring her that nobody believes Tommy and Tina's story. Sunita's pleased when Karl sells all of the smoke detectors. Ryan returns home high on cocaine. Michelle empties his pockets and pours away the remains of his stash, to Ryan's dismay. Michelle's upset to find a receipt showing he pawned his guitar to fund his habit. Ryan walks out, leaving inconsolable Michelle. Tommy and Tina are angry with Tyrone for making them look like liars. Tina blames Tommy for opening his big mouth. Tommy's dejected.


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