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Tyrone catches up with Kirsty, who accuses him of chatting up other women once her back was turned. Tyrone refutes this and demands an explanation for her disappearance. Tina fears that Tyrone will reunite with Kirsty now that she's back. Tommy's in favour of anything that will make him happy again. Tina keeps her counsel. Sunita watches smugly as Dev's date with Sam starts to falter. Kirsty insists that she stayed away for Tyrone's own good, and only came back because of Tommy's pestering. Tyrone's shocked to learn of Tommy's involvement. Upon finishing helping Kevin, Eileen calls at No.8 to find Paul dining there. She frogmarches him home while Gail can't disguise her amusement. Kirsty decides to leave again. Tyrone pleads with her to stay, promising that they can sort everything out. Kirsty's tempted. Gary, Izzy and Katy tell Owen and Anna all about their appointment at the clinic. Owen doesn't criticise and the atmosphere is upbeat. Chesney doesn't say much. Tommy spots Tyrone and Kirsty back together and is thrilled his intervention paid off. Tina's angry to hear that he went to see Kirsty. Tommy demands to know why she thinks Kirsty's so wrong for Tyrone. Tina tries to change the subject but Tommy pushes until she finally reveals that Kirsty has been abusing Tyrone. Tommy's gobsmacked. Stella condemns Sunita for eavesdropping on Dev's date. The two women hurl insults at each other across the bar. Sam and Nikki make a discreet exit. Tina warns Tommy not to breathe a word to anyone about Kirsty's violence; if it gets out, Tyrone will be the one who suffers. Tommy's poleaxed.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tyrone chases after Kirsty and begs her to stay; and Tommy tells Tina how happy he is that his meddling paid off, but she reveals the truth about Tyrone's relationship.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,220,000 viewers (9th place).
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