Hilda stirs it with Annie, telling her that Jack was with Effie when she took her note round last night. Annie refuses to let him go to the bowls club with Effie, insisting he goes shopping with her. Ray complains to Elsie that girls nowadays have no maturity. She doesn't like his pointed comments. Albert sends a letter to Minnie from Bury telling her about his new life. She invites Gordon and Lucille to tea to celebrate Bobby's birthday. Emily can't find a full-time job aside from her yard bookkeeping work. Ena annoys Elsie when she drops hints about her and Ray. Lucille also can't find work but she's fussy about what she wants. Stan says he has a hole in his bucket and Hilda tests it for him, saying there's nothing wrong with it. Ray implies to Dickie that people think he and Audrey are living together and aren't married. Annie tries to crow to Effie about her control over Jack but gets short shrift. Dickie angrily tells Ray to mind his own business but is told that everyone is gossiping about him. Emily and Lucille are bored at Bobby's birthday tea. Gordon turns up with his guitar, as does an uninvited Ena. Gordon compiles a song for Bobby: "Bobby was all her joy, Bobby was her delight. Bobby was a pain in the neck, according to Mrs Sharples. Bobby got very sick, Bobby went off his food. But me mam brought him back well again, for the sake of Minnie Caldwell." They all sing Where Have All the Flowers Gone? together. Elsie examines a splinter that Ray gets in his hand and is angry again at his innuendos. Minnie tells Effie about Martha Longhurst. Ena is annoyed that Effie and Minnie are becoming friendlier. Annie is angry that Jack and Effie play in a darts match together and she can't get them apart. Ray comes on strong to Elsie. She slaps him and says that he's nothing but a kid and to get out. He tells her that he wouldn't bother; he's got his own granny. Elsie is shaken.


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