Tina struggles to convince Tommy that Tyrone is better off without Kirsty. Tommy thinks that Tina's willing to overlook Tyrone's misery due to her hatred for Kirsty. Tina bites her tongue. Rob chats up Stella again. She laughs it off but is secretly flattered. Tommy asks Marcus if he can check Kirsty's hospital records and find out where she is, as Tyrone is sick with worry. Marcus is sympathetic but gently refuses. Paul snipes at Kevin over his lack of sleep. Overhearing, Gail offers Paul the use of her sofa if he needs a nap in the afternoons. Paul's grateful. Tyrone's heard from the police that Kirsty's been found but she won't reveal where she is. Tommy urges him to go and find her but Tyrone warns him to back off. Izzy feels guilty for causing problems between Anna and Owen, and for Chesney's feelings being overruled. Marcus encounters Tyrone in the café and is touched by his plight when he makes a fuss of Liam. Eva tries to start afresh with Rob but is thrown when he finishes with her. Owen confides in Kevin about Katy and Izzy's surrogacy idea. Startled Kevin empathises with Owen but urges him not to lose Anna in the crossfire. Paul's pleased to have had an afternoon of peaceful rest. Eileen's annoyed with him for sleeping at No.8 but Paul insists that he will continue to do so, as he can't function without sleep. Marcus unofficially informs Tommy that Kirsty is booked in for a tour of the maternity ward at 6.00pm. Tommy's grateful and heads off to find her. Owen apologises to Anna. She advises that the surrogacy is going ahead with or without his approval, so he should bite the bullet and support his girls. Owen agrees. Tommy collars Kirsty at the hospital and explains how lost Tyrone is without her. She insists that they're better off apart and refuses to return. Oblivious Tommy thinks she's cruel. Kirsty's upset by the encounter.


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